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Thermoplastic polyurethane

From a barrier film to a high breathable membrane, this is a versatile solution that satisfies traditional needs and finds application in several sectors. The pore-free, monolithic surface of the membrane provides protection from wind and water. The technical characteristics can be customised. Colours and patterns can be customised, with the possibility of creating exclusive designs.

Coated Polyurethane

  • Hydrophilic PU

    High-performance membrane that can improve the functions and aesthetics of the fabric, to guarantee maximum comfort. Even as an extremely thin layer, it guarantees excellent breathability and impermeability, as well as being extremely soft and elastic. The colours and patterns can be customised.

  • Hydrophobic PU

    A membrane with excellent water resistance, even after several washes, which allows long-lasting performances. When it comes in contact with water, the membrane does not swell and is therefore also suitable for external use. The colours and patterns can be customised.

  • Microporous PU

    With billion of pores large enough to allow water vapour to pass through but small enough to not allow drops of water to penetrate, this is the perfect membrane for anyone searching for a balance between breathability and impermeability. The membrane keeps the body dry and is also light and soft touch.


A membrane with high technical specifications for the production of durable and long-lasting garments. It is suitable for applications where higher temperature resistance is required, such as sublimation printing.
A product environmentally-friendly and canbe easily recycled.


Membranes able to strengthen the technical function of the fabric, keeping them unchanged over time and therefore suitable for all applications where high performance is required. Water resistant, air-permeable, oil-repellent, resistant to high and low temperatures: these are the main characteristics. The porous structure effectively drains sweat and balances body temperature, maintaining the utmost comfort.

Nano spyder

A latest-generation, microporous, hydrophobic and oil-repellent membrane that is the perfect answer to the market’s more specific and sophisticated needs. The nano-fibre structure makes for a soft, flexible and highly-resistant material, guaranteeing excellent physical performances that considerably increase the garment’s added value.


Flame retardant

Flame-retardant membrane for fireproof clothing and accessories with several levels of protection. It provides protection and is long-lasting to resist the extreme conditions that it is exposed to.


A membrane with bactericide properties, specific for applications in medical fields and where healthcare prevention and protection is required.


A breathable, waterproof membrane with highly conductive, antistatic properties able to evenly distribute and maintain heat over its entire surface.

Black out film

A blackout film that limits or blocks the passage of light. A technology designed for situations that require part or full blocking of light.


The membrane changes colour as the temperature changes. Customizable in various colours and in the temperature threshold on which the colour changes.


When struck by light, the membrane takes on shimmering hues that create particular plays of colour. It is often used in the fashion world due to its particular shade.


Appropriated natural or artificial light is released by the membrane for several hours in darkness. It is especially suited for designing trendy, sports and protective clothing.



The clothing market is becoming increasingly aware of sustainability and respect of the environment. Bio-membranes respond perfectly to the requests of a consumer who is more aware and take more care in his choices when buying a product. 25% of the membrane is of biological origin, coming from a renewable source such as corn, which is totally petroleum free (100% Susterra®).


The commitment to a circular economy is to recycle materials to transform them into new products. Green, pre and post consumer solutions, through a decisive approach towards protecting the environment, which translates into recycling materials and developing energy-saving solutions.

  • Pre-consumer: membrane containing 50% or 75% of recycled material from production waste.
  • Post-consumer: membrane containing 52% of recycled material from PET bottles.
Printed membranes

PU or TPU membranes available in a very wide range of prints.

Colors and patterns can be customized with the possibility of creating exclusive designs.

Small geometric shapes

Geometric shapes


Camouflage – Animalier



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